TMA LIVE | An Industry in Polycrisis: Automotive Restructuring [video]

Presenting TMA LIVE, a new innovative event series by TMA Europe. This unique programme aims to blend virtual education with real-world immersion, fostering connections among TMA members and restructuring experts within specific industries for peer-to-peer learning and networking.

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TMA LIVE | An Industry in Polycrisis: Automotive Restructuring [video]

11 December, 2023

Each TMA LIVE session kicks off with an online segment led by industry leaders, followed by an immersive “live” visit to a factory, office, or plant relevant to the industry under discussion. This inaugural TMA LIVE event, delving into ‘An Industry in Polycrisis: Automotive Restructuring’ was held in December 2023.

In spring 2024, an option to partake in a site visit to a manufacturer or OEM in Germany will be available. Register for the webinar via the link below. The automotive sector is undergoing accelerated change due to mounting geopolitical tensions, inflationary pressures, cost-of-living challenges, energy supply uncertainties, and disruptions in trade—all profoundly impacting the industry. Restructuring professionals must adapt and seize opportunities as the industry shifts from traditional manufacturing toward environmentally sustainable alternatives.

This hands-on programme will illuminate the necessary steps for professionals to prepare for and leverage these changes effectively.


  • Anil Puri, Former Chairman, Purico Group
  • Fredrik Ljungman, Partner, ANXO Management Consulting GmbH
  • Michael Aiers, Supplier Risk Management, Senior Manager, Stellantis
  • Lars Richter, Partner, Rödl & Partner
  • Dr. Christian Schmitt, Rechtsanwalt, Gerloff Liebler gl-law
  • Tyrone Courtman, Partner, RSM UK Restructuring Advisory LLP


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