Read the April issue of the JCR

This issue of the Journal of Corporate Renewal is focused on hotels and hospitality, including restaurants, none of which are newcomers to distress.

Read the April issue of the JCR

11 April, 2023

The extreme headwinds of the past few years have left these businesses vulnerable, requiring the ability to remain nimble and strategic in the face of uncertainty.

Articles include:

  • No Strangers to Distress
  • Reservations for Restructuring: Headwinds Force Hotel Bankruptcies
  • Why More Hotels Have Not Filed Bankruptcy
  • Implications of the WFH Trend for Business Travel and Hospitality
  • Lessons for Travel and Hospitality Companies in a Post-Pandemic World
  • Contractual Agreements in the Canadian Hotel Industry: Managing the Competing Stakeholders in a Canadian Insolvency
  • New Conferences and Longtime Favorites Keep TMA Vital and Vibrant
  • Making Connections: TMA Offers Abundant Opportunities to Drive Your Success



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