Presidents Welcome

Dear Friends & Colleagues

It is my privilege to take on the mantle of TMA Europe President and to build upon the strong foundation that is TMA Europe.

Over the last six months as President Elect, we have started to bring about change by building stronger relationships between the Chapters, the European turnaround community and TMA Europe.

TMA Europe’s vision is greater connectivity, better together, and a sharing of ideas and information. I would like to share with you our plans for the next 12 months:

  • Building new chapters
  • Strengthen the relationship between the chapters via bilateral events
  • Roll out and establish TMA NOW and TMA NextGen in all Europe chapters
  • TMA Europe panel at the TMA NOW Global Summit and at the TMA Global Annual

With the European chapters working together we will lead TMA Europe to be seen as an opinion leader within the European restructuring industry.

I look forward to inviting you all to make this not only an achievable goal but positioning TMA Europe as an organisation that you all benefit from.

Best regards,

Eva Ringelspacher

TMA Europe, President


1st July 2022

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