Presidents Welcome

It is with great enthusiasm that I take over the task of guiding TMA Europe for the next two years. I am aware of all the efforts and dedication this role requires and that is why I thank Lukas Fecker for all he has accomplished in the interest of our association during his mandate.

TMA Europe has grown a lot by enlarging its presence all around Europe through the foundation of new chapters and by increasing the number of members in each chapter. It is time now for each member of TMA Europe to benefit in such a growth by taking advantage of such a huge network, by sharing content and knowledge, by giving visibility to each other’s expertise. Connections help leadership and this is what TMA Europe stands for!

I will definitely work, together with Mandy Caruana (what could I do without her?) and the support of the entire board, so that TMA Europe will become for all of us a big hub where all chapter activities are amplified and become a common thread for all of us.

I invite all of you to be active domestically and internationally: opportunities are all over and it is time to catch them!

I am ready to help each chapter to develop their own projects, by counseling if requested and by attending as many events as possible to diffuse TMA Europe’s vision and turnaround culture.

Time issues, investors interests, worker’s position, old products, blind entrepreneurs, inconsistent markets, companies’ size (too small, too big, too medium), unrealistic plans, unrealistic legislation, unrealistic judges… all these issues and many more make turnaround a concept linked to the words; emergency, desperation, fear and end.

On the contrary, the effort that TMA faces and each of us turnaround professionals must take over, is to prove that turnaround is not a solution only for pathological cases: each good company should turnaround every single day, testing the strength of its market position and the vision of its business plan.

This attitude and vision could make all companies stronger, with a positive general effect on the economy of each Country.

That is why our association is so important and that is why our role is so strategic!

Thank you for the trust and the professional opportunity that I will carry on with all my energy and dedication.

Enrica Maria Ghia

European Chapters

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