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The last two years have seen phenomenal challenges. For TMA, an organisation that prides itself on its exceptional educational and networking opportunities, the inability to meet face to face has been a particular challenge. But TMA members are well versed in quickly reacting to changing circumstances and the pivot to a variety of online events was swift and successful.

Within Europe, numerous events have taken place at chapter and European level. These have ranged from the purely social to the entirely educational and everything in between. Our own learning curve and the increased sophistication of online platforms enabled us to improve the quality and variety of our events in a virtual world.

Whilst we have all missed face to face contact, the online experience continued to open up other opportunities across the globe. Power hour online networking meetings between chapters both within Europe and with North American chapters have been a great success and are here to stay. The return to more in-person events this year, will give our community some much needed face-to-face opportunities and connectivity. We are excited by the prospect of seeing many friends and colleagues again after such a long time.

I have been in the TMA for 17 years and am always impressed by the breadth and depth of our membership. An organisation that brings together the broad skill sets of people involved in all aspects of turnaround work provides much greater opportunities for internationally focused education and productive networking than narrow interest groups.

We welcome everybody and the numerous companies they work for. We are proud and grateful to have been supported by many of them over the years. The opportunity to extend that support through partnering with us on the upcoming programme of online events and showcase your business to that diverse membership is one I hope will be of interest. TMA is the only true pan-European organisation dedicated to all aspects of corporate renewal. I hope to see you at an in-person event this year.

Best regards,

David Bryan

TMA Europe, President

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