New CTP Masterclass series goes down a storm

On 28 September, EACTP hosted the first of its new ‘CTP Mastermind’ series on Sustainability in Turnaround.

New CTP Masterclass series goes down a storm

19 October, 2023

Led by Deloitte Italia’s Alberto Cerini CTP and Marco Cetti, along with specialist expertise provided by their colleagues, the session explored ESG and sustainability changes in regulations and how companies should be supported to be compliant with new regulatory requirements.

If you missed the session, here are a couple of snippets you might enjoy:

Video: When Should ESG Be Considered in turnaround? WATCH

Video: Sustainability Risks That Can Affect Companies. WATCH

We have two more Masterminds coming up in November with details of how to attend below. We hope to see you there.

CTP Mastermind: Balance Sheet Restructuring

2 November 2023, 1400 GMT/1500 CET | online BUY TICKET

Don’t miss our second CTP Mastermind ‘Balance Sheet Restructuring’.

To achieve a successful financial turnaround, it is imperative to ensure a harmonious equilibrium between a company’s assets and liabilities. If liabilities surpass assets, a thorough balance sheet restructuring becomes essential. In this discussion, we will elucidate numerous illustrative cases, valuable insights, and effective techniques for such restructuring.

Our discourse will encompass a range of theoretical approaches, including stakeholder management, with a particular emphasis on the paramount importance of cash, often referred to as the “King” of financial assets. Additionally, we will delve into practical examples of balance sheet restructuring while taking into consideration the diverse array of stakeholders involved, such as banks, shareholders, tax authorities, suppliers, employees, and other relevant parties.


  • Jeroen Knikkink, CTP, Crisis Manager & Restructuring Director, Knikkink Management
  • Prof. Jan Adriaanse, Professor of Turnaround Management, Leiden University and Director, Valuation Advisory Services, Kroll
CTP Mastermind: Chapter 11 from a CTP Perspective

28 November 2023, 1500 GMT/1600 CET | online BUY TICKET

Comprising of a presentation, case study and group discussion, Matthew English, CTP, CIRA, Senior Managing Director at Arch + Beam will be leading this session.

At the EACTP’s TURBOCHARGED TURNAROUND workshops in March, Matthew gave a highly informative and interesting talk on US Chapter 11 bankruptcy processes and options. Met with overwhelmingly positive feedback, this Mastermind will see Matthew extend his expertise to a wider audience and provide attendees with a chance to learn from Matthew’s extensive real-life experience and specialist knowledge.

Speaker: Matthew English, CTP, CIRA, Senior Managing Director, Arch + Beam


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