What’s happening in America can happen to us – Learning points!

Date & Time Thursday 8 October, 2020    |   4:00 pm  -  5:00 pm
VenueOnline, Online

Andrew Pepper - Past President and TMA UK Director will be interviewing Scott Stuart, CEO TMA Global, on what is happening in the USA Restructuring market due to COVID and how this is pertinent to the UK. This will be a commercial conversation about how TMA can help our members create value.

They will discuss

  • 3 Sectors and how the USA Government and industry leaders are tackling them.
  • How USA restructuring Professionals are seeing the market and the opportunity. What can the UK learn?
  • What opportunities do USA based investors have in the UK.
  • How should a TMA UK¬†member access the USA investors.
  • What’s working well in the USA that can be copied in the UK

We would urge you to join our robust and commercial presentation.  This is not a technical session, but a session on how to pick up pointers that have been used in another similar Country and that can be used to your benefit in the UK.


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