TMA UK: Turnaround and Restructuring – Opportunity or Threat?

Date & Time Wednesday 7 February, 2024    |   6:00 pm  -  9:00 pm
VenueLondon Business School, United Kingdom

After an unprecedented period of stability for the past 15 years based on increasing debt supported by low interest rates, are we about to embark on a period of uncertainty and change?

If we are then there will be a huge need for appropriate skills to deal with turnaround and restructuring opportunities. But if the stimulus continues, or the economy survives with a soft landing, then there is a threat to the prospects for company doctors and turnaround professionals?

Despite the prospects, restructuring and business turnarounds are exciting and attract a certain type of individual who thrives on the complex and coercive nature of restoring stability to organisations that are in crisis.

Meeting and overcoming such challenges is both exciting and frightening, requiring a range of personal characteristics as well as technical skill and wisdom.

This year’s panel of professionals represents different stakeholders, grades and backgrounds and, will tell stories of both success and failure and give their personal views about the opportunities and threats to a career in turnaround and restructuring.

This is a must-attend event for anyone, considering a career in restructuring, turnaround, or distressed investing.


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