The restructuring plan 10 months on

Date & Time Wednesday 28 April, 2021    |   10:30 am  -  11:00 am
VenueWebinar, Online

Online Webinar in Partnership with Freshfields For our April event we welcome Richard Tett and Emma Gateaud of Freshfields as our guest speakers.

Richard is head of Freshfields’ London restructuring & insolvency team. Emma is a counsel in the restructuring and insolvency team and the recipient of the TMA’s next generation award 2020.

The new UK restructuring plan arrived with great and justified fanfare in late June 2020.  Alongside the other insolvency law reforms, many people heralded the changes as the most significant insolvency regime overall since 1986.  10 months on, we have been taking stock on the impact of the new restructuring plan.  How is it being used (both in court, and in shaping deals out of court)?  What is the court focusing on?  What do you need to know in practice?

We will also take a brief look at the new European competitors for the UK’s crown: on 1 Jan 2021, both Germany and the Netherlands introduced new restructuring regimes.  While the Dutch regime has already been used, the German regime remains to be tested.  Are they princes for the crown or just pretenders?


This event is kindly supported by Freshfields


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