The Importance of being different?

Date & Time Wednesday 19 May, 2021    |   10:30 am  -  11:30 am
VenueWebinar, Online

Graham Bushby and Tyrone Courtman from RSM Restructuring Advisory LLP will look to explore an alternative turnaround growth strategy which is around the importance of ’Being different’ and will seek to identify some of the attributes that may afford an explanation as to why some individuals and organisations are more successful than others. 

Online Webinar in Partership with RSM

Graham and Tyrone will be joined by Fraser Dick, Managing Director of an SME business, Perfection Alloys Limited, who will share his own personal case study, illustrating the importance of ‘being different’ and the impact it had in effecting his own businesses turnaround.

All presenters will cover the following:

  • The importance of ‘Being different’ as an individual/organisational growth strategy
  • Attributes of ‘being different’ and why is it that some individuals and organisations are more successful than others
  • The importance of ‘Why’ you do what you do
  • Reflections on my ‘Why’ and those of entrepreneur and business owner, Fraser Dick, and the influence of ‘being different’ on him and his business.


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