Black Swans – COVID and other things we cannot predict

Date & Time Wednesday 21 April, 2021    |   6:00 pm  -  7:00 pm
VenueWebinar, Online

“Black Swans” are unlikely events with extreme effects. Here,Black Swans as a phenomenon and strategies to cope with this are discussed.

Right now, opinions and analyses diverge about what will happen after COVID and when. In the longer perspective, the corporate world is exposed to an increasing frequency of unexpected and massive revenue shortfalls. Management teams therefore struggle to understand how to cope with this kind of uncertainty.

A number of psychological and structural factors in the organization makes it hard to act proactively, at the same time as Black Swan moments can entirely determine the success of strategies.

In this presentation (which will be held in English), “Black Swans” as a phenomenon is discussed, together with strategies to a survive and create value in a world of “wild” uncertainty.

Our speaker:

Håkan Jankensgård is an associate professor in business management at the University of Lund. Jankensgård researches the development of strategies for value increasing risk management in companies and have published his research in several well reputed international journals. He is the author of the books Corporate Foreign Exchange Risk Management (2020) and Empowered Enterprise Risk Management: Theory and Practice (2021). Jankensgård teaches in risk management and valuation in the Financial Masters program in Lund. He was previously a risk manager with the major energy company Norsk Hydro.

Hosted by TMA Sweden

Event time:

1700-1800 BST

1800-1900 CEST


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