Applying an ESG lens to business risk in restructuring and turnaround situations

Date & Time Wednesday 13 March, 2024    |   6:00 pm  -  9:00 pm
VenueBDO, 55 Baker Street, London W1U 7EU, United Kingdom

TMA UK are delighted to be partnering with BDO for their London March 2024 event where the guest speakers' topic will be: Applying an ESG lens to business risk in restructuring and turnaround situations.

We’ve seen the headlines of carbon emissions, greenwashing and failures in supply chain. As nine of the World Economic Forum’s Top 10 global risks relate to ESG factors, coupled with research suggesting 90% of enterprise value is based on intangible assets which are underpinned by ESG factors, it is clear why the topic of ESG is only increasing in importance. It is critical that businesses understand how the ecosystem of ESG is impacting all aspects of the commercial landscape, and that they have a clear strategy for managing ESG-related risks and opportunities.

So how is this relevant when you are working with distressed businesses and helping them turnaround? We will be drawing on the deep experience of the BDO ESG and Business Restructuring teams providing practical learning points illustrating the importance of ESG in turnaround situations and, critically how ESG is becoming more of a focus for key stakeholders. We will consider the emerging sustainability priorities in all three areas of ESG, and their impact on markets, and use this to illustrate how to apply an ESG lens to identify risk, understand a businesses’ ESG risk profile and incorporate sustainability-thinking into turnaround and restructuring strategy.


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