EACTP education programme open to aspiring turnaround professionals

EACTP’s education training and certification programme run in conjunction with Leiden University goes live and online from May 3rd. It is open to both aspiring and experienced restructuring professionals across Europe wishing to add a qualification as a Certified Turnaround Analyst (CTA) and subsequently as Professional (CTP) in turnaround and restructuring management to their c.v. Henceforward to achieve CTP status all candidates for EACTP entry must have at first successfully undertaken this examination programme.

EACTP education programme open to aspiring turnaround professionals

07 May, 2021

The study programme is self-managed and is online in three sequential sections: Finance and Accounting, European Legal Concepts, and Turnaround and Stakeholder Management. Examinations are set and adjudged to Leiden University’s academic standards under Jan Adriaanse, Professor of Turnaround at Leiden University Law School. On successful completion the candidate becomes a CTA and can progress to CTP by submission of cases to the EACTP Standards and Admissions Committee in which candidates must demonstrate a significant and influential role.

The standard and format is based on TMA Global’s long established and widely recognised Certified Turnaround Professional (ACTP) programme. There are close to 500 CTP’s in North America and close to 100 CTP’s in Europe, with others in Australia, South Africa and Japan. The EACTP curriculum of three Bodies of Knowledge (BOK’S) has been compiled by experienced TMA Global and EACTP professionals, European restructuring lawyers and Leiden University academic staff.

Entry is by application to EACTP www.eactp.eu, demonstrating degree or equivalent professional standard attainment and upon payment of the course and examinations fees of £1,975 (€2,165). Access to the online study and the BOK’s is password protected and commences with Finance and Accounting progressing after on line examination success to Legal Concepts and then to Management. The programme should be completed in one to two years. The successful candidate receives a certificate of attainment and membership and can use the professional qualification of CTA or CTP as members of both EACTP and TMA.

EACTP is an education and certification association for turnaround and restructuring professionals. It is a part of TMA Europe and TMA Global. TMA Global has close to 10,000 members in chapters worldwide. In Europe there are 11 TMA chapters in most jurisdictions and 2000 TMA members.

Commenting on the launch of the programme EACTP President Alan Tilley said “the launch of the education programme is the culmination of over 10 years of members’ pro bono efforts to establish EACTP as the recognised exam based professional turnaround body, raise the funds to establish the structure to manage the programme, and work with dedicated turnaround professionals to prepare the curriculum to meet both hands on case experience and the rigorous academic standards of one of Europe’s leading universities”

Professor Adriaanse added “consensual turnaround has gained ground as the preferred method of value preservation in European restructuring. Leiden University is proud to be associated with TMA and EACTP in bringing a world class education programme to train the turnaround professionals of tomorrow and to recognise the expertise of certified and experienced CTP’s of today. More and more jurisdictions will become to recognise CTP certification as the gold standard for turnaround professionals”.

For more information contact eactp@turnaround.org or visit www.eactp.eu

Simon Jones

EACTP Director of Marketing and Communications

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