A Lifetime Achievement Award for Alan Tilley

Earlier this month, we were immensely gratified to see former EACTP President Alan Tilley receive the ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ at the TMA Europe Annual European Conference in Madrid.

A Lifetime Achievement Award for Alan Tilley

22 June, 2022

Having only recently stepped down as EACTP President, Alan has been part of the EACTP’s leadership group since it was founded and was instrumental in the founding of TMA Europe in 2011.

Presenting the award was Scott Stuart, CEO of TMA Global, who had the following to say about Alan during the presentation dinner:

“I have been asked to say a few words in celebration of Alan Tilley tonight and I could not be more honoured than to have the opportunity to do so. 

Alan represents the best of who we are in TMA. Impassioned, dedicated, committed and determined. He has done so much for our organisation, the legacy of which is in this room.

Although I can speak to Alan’s many accomplishments, for his leadership in the UK chapter, for the charge he led by connecting professionals to support what became many of the chapters that comprise TMA Europe today, to his passion for EACTP and his efforts there, tonight I focus with great humility on a man I call not just a leader but a friend.

There are few who lead with honesty and passion as Alan does. He leads by example, is unafraid to take risks and has climbed the highest of mountains to create opportunity and to see every mission he embarks on through to a successful end.

TMA is a better, stronger and more connected organisation in no small part because of the selflessness of this luminary and the unabashed brilliance and determination he has brought to the fore.

For me, a defining moment that exemplifies Alan’s dedication to his volunteer leadership came in August 2019 when, after many months of what seemed like endless conversations about how to take EACTP to the next level, I came to Leiden University in the Netherlands along with a small delegation of TMA leaders. Alan arranged a long sought-after meeting with Professor Jan Adriaanse that ended in a handshake deal that set EACTP on a new course and realised a vision many years in the making.

Since that day, EACTP under Alan’s leadership is an entirely new credential and a core value proposition under TMA that continues to grow throughout the EU and UK.

I share this story because it speaks to the man who has been a mentor to many, including myself. His ability to take on what seems like the impossible, to manage all obstacles and to create a resolve that is the personification of leadership, mentorship and what sheer determination has meant to this organisation.

I am deeply proud and profoundly moved by the leadership of Alan Tilley, a true TMA luminary, for the contributions he has made, and who has made us better together. 

Please join me raising your glass and celebrating the lifetime achievement of my friend and TMA luminary Alan Tilley.”

Adding to Scott’s words, it is with enormous appreciation that we send Alan our sincerest and heartfelt thanks for everything he has done for the EACTP over the years. His drive, determination and dedication are why EACTP has become a go-to certification programme of choice for European turnaround and restructuring professionals.

Congratulations Alan!


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