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The latest updates on TMA Europe and around the world:

Non Executive Director

28 March 2014

Across Europe it is quite normal to have a two-tier board structure, with the Management Board overseen by a Supervisory Board. In the UK, however, this distinction does not exist...

Entries being sought for Turnaround Awards

28 February 2014

Entries have opened for TMA Europe's prestigious annual Turnaround of the Year Awards....

EACTP membership is one of the best promotional tools, says TMA Global CEO

28 February 2014

If you are looking to promote yourself as a turnaround professional, there's no better marketing tool than membership of the EACTP, according to the TMA Global CEO, Gregory J. Fine, CAE....

Buying an Underperforming Company in The Balkans

28 February 2014

For the past 20 years, companies in The Balkans have not been on the radar screen of most private equity groups....

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