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Response from the Rt Hon Vince Cable's Office

26 September 2014

With three UK Deloitte insolvency partners referred to the ICAEW Accounting Standards body by a Senior UK Government Minister for possible conflict of interest acting in a pre insolvency advisory capacity and then as Insolvency Administrators, once again the spotlight has fallen on the need for independent turnaround professionals free of conflict to advise on potential consensual restructuring...

TMA Europe Launches New Financial Services Round Table Debates

26 September 2014

TMA Europe will bring together some of the most influential figures in the European financial services sector in a series of events that will see key banking trends and policy debated....

Comet case highlights need for independent advisors in consensual restructurings, says EACTP

29 August 2014

Directors of the EACTP believe the recent referral of Comet administrators to the accountancy watchdog has highlighted the need for greater independence in professional advisory roles.....

TMA Europe East European Conference: Rebuilding the Banks

27 June 2014

TMA Europe held its first ever conference for Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) in Bucharest on 15 May, which brought together over 100 attendees from the big law firms, the Big Four accountancy firms, and the central banks, to work together to find a solution for the banking crisis....

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