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Turnround Management Association Europe – Dedicated to Corporate Renewal


Join us at one of the many events held worldwide and across Europe.

10 February 2016 | London, United Kingdom

TMA UK Event - 7 Steps to Becoming a Growth Organisation

This session, run by Good Growth founders Chris Bones and James Hammersley . . .

10 February 2016 | Gothenburg, Sweden

TMA Sweden: Corporate Bonds for Companies in Distress

TMA Sweden host an event discussing the topic of corporate bonds for companies in distress...

17 February 2016 | Stockholm, Sweden

TMA Sweden: The Future of and Turnarounds in Retail

TMA Sweden host an event discussing the future of and turnarounds in retail...

17-19 February 2016 | Four Seasons Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada.

TMA 2016 Distressed Investing Conference

The 2016 Distressed Investing Conference will be held on 17-19 February in Las Vegas.

23 February 2016 | Wales and South West, United Kingdom

TMA UK - Current Trends and Future Direction of Turnaround in the Regional SME Market

Within a facilitated panel discussion . . .

9 & 10 March 2016 | The Hilton, Canary Wharf, United Kingdom

DDC Financial Group Event

DDC Financial group is proud to announce its upcoming Distressed Investments Forum taking place at the Hilton Canary Wharf in London 2016 . .

16 March 2016 | Prague, Czech Republic

2016 TMA Europe East European Event

The TMA Europe East European Event will be hosted by the Czech National Bank, Prague.

19 April 2016 | New York City

2016 TMA NOW Summit

9-10 June 2016 | Rome, Italy

TMA Europe Annual Conference

The TMA Europe Annual Conference 2016 will take place in Rome.

29 September 2016 | Hosted by Taylor Wessing. London, UK

2016 TMA Europe Distressed Investing Event

TMA Europe Distressed Investing Event to be hosted by Taylor Wessing in London.

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