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Turnround Management Association Europe – Dedicated to Corporate Renewal


Join us at one of the many events held worldwide and across Europe.

26 May 2015 | Dublin, Ireland

Turnaround: A stakeholders perspective

Following the successful inaugural meeting of the Irish Chapter of TMA in December, Arthur Cox and Grant Thornton invite you to attend a seminar this month...

Thursday 28 May 2015 | Hotel Wellington, Madrid

TMA Europe FS Round Table Madrid

28 May 2015 | Stockholm, Sweden

The Turnaround of Thule Group - acase study

TMA Sweden is excited to host Hans Eckerström of Nordic Capital on the evening of 28 May.

11-12 June 2015 | Stockholm, Sweden

TMA Europe Conference

16 September 2015 | The Netherlands

TMA Nederland Autumn event

17 September 2015 | London, UK

2015 TMA Distressed Investing Conference

The TMA Europe Distressed Investing Event will be hosted by Deloitte in London.....

5-7 October 2015 | Scottsdale, Arizona

The TMA Annual

The TMA Annual Conference will be held in Scotsdale, Arizona on 5-7 October 2015.

11 November 2015 | The Netherlands

TMA Nederland Dinner

12 November 2015 | London, UK

TMA UK Annual Conference

The TMA UK Annual Conference will be held in London on 12 November 2015.

13 January 2016 | The Netherlands

TMA Nederland New Year Event

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